IET Cloud Services Brokerage

The IET Cloud Services Brokerage by IET is designed to help researchers and administrators quickly procure cloud accounts, infrastructure, products, and services while providing added value to the University. This value is provided in four key areas:

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Billing & Provisioning

We smooth out the billing & provisioning of cloud accounts grouped by financial vertical into consolidated billing families. This service allows you to pay for AWS charges by recharge billing to a UC Davis accounting source instead of being invoiced monthly by Amazon. Benefits include:

  • Automatic billing against a UC Davis funding source (currently only one funding source per account)

  • Automatic application of eligible discounts against your account’s use

  • Possible reduced cost due to economies of scale

  • Protection against continuity-of-service interruptions due to unpaid / misrouted bills

  • Membership in the UC-wide AWS agreement and automatic participation in data egress discount pricing



IET engages with members of the IET Cloud Services Brokerage environment to help ensure their security posture as it applies to our shared responsibility to safeguard IT data and resources. We develop products along this line which is driven by a partnership with our clients and campus Information Security Office, beta-tested with members on an opt-in basis, then rolled out as an add-on product to all members via the Service Catalog.

  • Work to establish clear lines of accountability with your unit as required by the UCOP Electronic Information Security policy.

  • Provide compliance pathways for the diverse suite of cloud services as required by the UCOP policy.

  • Develop security-minded product lines available to members via the Service Catalog.



The IET Cloud Services Brokerage provides access to the catalog of products being developed on behalf of the brokerage members:

  • NIST-compliant secure computing environment for highly-sensitive data workloads

  • Research environments for graduate students and postdocs looking for quick access to cloud computers preprovisioned with standard tools (R, Python, Jupyter, etc)

  • Reference architecture templates shared publicly with managed deployment available to members as part of an enhanced Service Catalog.

  • Security auditing tools to help the unit’s account administrator mitigate common security issues.

Additional products and proofs-of-concept will be made available to members on an opt-in basis, while reference architecture will be available to the campus as a whole via our Reference Architecture git repository. Possible ideas include:

  • CAS authentication to the service console

  • Streamlined access provisioning for accounts

  • Sensible billing alerts to notify before usage goes overestimated spend

  • Billing analytics and turnkey optimization tools for deployed environments

As we develop new products and lines of service, we will partner with members to iterate on offerings to ensure their applicability and usefulness to all other members.


Community of Practice

IET has set up various channels of communication and partnerships with campus units to facilitate communication and add to our collective expertise with the cloud:

  • Consulting services on cloud architecture

  • University-wide cloud computing mailing list

  • Slack channels on the UC Davis slack such as #cloud-computing, #salesforce, #servicenow, and others

  • Reference architecture git repository

  • Training and workshops on cloud computing

  • Engagement with units to provide new reference architecture or specific product lines


More information

For more information or to apply to join, please reach out to