Smartsite (Deprecated)


Instructors use Smartsite, a learning management system (LMS), to organize course materials including PowerPoint presentations, podcasts, hyperlinks and more into their course sites. Instructors may select from more than two-dozen Sakai tools to include in their course sites such as the Gradebook, Chat Rooms, Tests & Quizzes, Collaborative Wikis and more. Instructors may integrate third-party tools into their course sites including Piazza and McGraw-Hill Campus.

On a day-to-day basis, Smartsite aids in the course requirement communication between students and instructors. There are options for uploading and protecting copyrighted resources, allowing resubmissions for assignments and quizzes, and including extra credit/optional work in the Gradebook. The announcement, chat room and email tools provide a way for instructors to get information to students quickly and for students to discuss the course with one another.

Contact Info

As of 9/28/17 the Service Owner is: Todd Van Zandt <>