Data Sensitivity Guide Intake Survey

  • Current Contact and Department Information
  • Explanation and Listing of Data
  • Service Use and Context
  • All Other Relevant Information
  • Complete
Inquiring UC Location
As a rule, the guidance the Information Security Office gives is for UC Davis only. Other institutions have been included here to better understand the requester and impacted parties. When UC Davis partners with an institution the partnering institution should always check with their own Information Security Office regarding the appropriateness of the service for storing their data.
Will the use or management of the proposed service and/or associated information involve UC Davis Health in any way?
  • Is the data utilized contain UC Davis Health system data, PHI or PII? 
  • Is it going to be used in the UC Davis Health system network? 
  • Is UC Davis Health funding associated with this acquisition? 
  • Are you a UC Davis Health system employee?