Canvas (LMS)

UC Davis Canvas is the new campus-wide learning management system (LMS) and is a linchpin of educational technology at UC Davis. The LMS can act to augment lessons that the faculty are providing in lecture, can be used for blended/hybrid courses, or even fully online courses. Instructors use it to organize and present class materials, assign and view homework, assess submissions, provide grades, and mediate communication with their students. Students use it to manage their course requirements, find course materials, submit homework, assess their course progress, and communicate with instructors and fellow students related to course assignments and requirements.
UC Davis Canvas is a cloud-hosted LMS that integrates with campus systems to provide user authentication via UCD campus computing accounts and populate official course and enrollment information from the campus student information system. The system also has the ability to integrate with third-party apps, and works comfortably on mobile devices. Users may be assigned varying levels of permissions based on their roles within each course site, such as Teacher, TA, and Student, and for some, may include administrative sub-account access for managing and supporting course sites within a department.

Contact Info

Service Owner as of 9/22/17 is: Todd A. Van Zandt <>
LMS Program Manager
IET – Academic Technology Services
University of California, Davis
Voice: 530-752-1266